F.F.FRENZY 2020: Season 23 - Week 16: Finals

COMMISH'S NOTE (12/29/20): COVID came to town, tried to mess with us, got a foot in the door, but we were able to vanquish it from our FFFRENZY league and we finished with a bang!

As always, I must mention the weekly high score winner, which just so happens to be that one dude with that onw team. You know the one. Congrats for another weekly high score, running your total number of weeks won to seven. Great job, Court Jesters.

We wrap up our league by announcing our FFFrenzy Champion, which is no surprise: Court Jesters! Given a Christmas gift of a 56 point performance from Alvin Kamara, the Jesters rode on the backs of a relatively un-injured squad of seven players who helped them to dominate this league and end with a final record of 15-1. I went through our past, and this is the second highest overall points, second only to the Mofos in 2012, but the difference here was Jesters getting the championship.

Congrats to channel surfers for taking second place and taking home some nice $$$. They had an equally impressive year, beating up on everyone with a 10-3 season record, three games ahead of the next team. If Court Jesters are awarded the prize for Best Draft, the surfers get the award for Best Managed team, making some great pickups along the way.

In our third place game, Juice uses ny nephew Josh Allen's big game to overtake and beat Rays Wreckers to take home a nice prize. Tough loss for Wreckers, but they did manage to do well all year with some good wins to get them to the final four spot. Juice used their third highest overall point total for this year to finish strong.

In the fifth place game, Unrealistic Mofos finished the season strong to beat Howling WOOOOlf and get a nice prize. WOOOOlf started strong, but faded near the end, while Mofos got on a streak, and won two playoff games after getting bounced by Jesters in the first round.

Come to think of it, who didnt get beat by the Jesters? Oh yeah, Cornbread&chicken was the only team to beat them this year! Congrats on that feat, since that's about all you got.

In the overall points race, we already knew that Court Jesters takes home first, with channel surfers taking second. Jesters scored the second highest overall points (2,685) for this league. Mofos holds the record with 2,713 back in 2013, with surfers in 3rd with 2,655. Juice has the next two spots: 2018 with 2,569 and 2014 with 2,615.

Weekly high scores: Jesters takes home seven weeks, which is the new record, beating Mofos record of six back in 2012. Wreckers had five in 2010, and multiple people have had four in a few different seasons.

- Player of the Week: Alvin Kamara (Court Jesters) 56.20 pts.
- Bench Player of the Week: Jamison Crowder (Come on Pelican) 31.32 pts.
- WTF Player of the Week: Ezekiel Elliott (Rays Wreckers) 17.90 pts.

- QB Player of the Year: Josh Allen (Juice) 459.80 pts.(76th pick & +12 pts/#2 P. Mahomes)
- RB Player of the Year: Alvin Kamara (Jesters) 377.80 pts.(3rd pick & +37 pts/#2 D. Cook)
- WR Player of the Year: Davante Adams (Mofos342.80 pts.(17th pick & +14 pts/#2 T. Hill)
- TE Player of the Year: Travis Kelce (Jesters313.76 pts.(26th pick & +61 pts/#2 D. Waller)
- K Player of the Year: Justin Tucker (WOOOOlf152.00 pts.(161st pick - never dropped)
- DEF Player of the Year: Pittsburgh (WOOOOlf) 231.00 pts.(148th pick & +12 pt/#2 BAL)

- Overall Player of the Year: Travis Kelce (Jesters313.76 pts. (#2: 252 pts, #3: 170 pts!!)
- Best Vaue Draft Player of the Year: Josh Allen (Juice459.80 pts. with 76th pick
- Injury Player of the Year: Saquon Barkley (Jimenez15.40 pts. (Week 2 & Out for year)
- Tease Player of the Year: C. McCaffrey (SMASH90.40 pts. (Off IR for 1 game, back on IR)

I am working on our 2021 NFL Playoff Contest situation, with details to follow in our group chat. It will probably be a ZOOM call, and I am trying to figure out how to work it. You will be hearing from me.

Thank you all for playing! See you next year on September 11, 2021, when COVID has been vanquished like a Court Jesters opponent and we can all hang out together.

- The Commish

F.F.Frenzy 2020 Payouts

    COVID Entry Fee: $150
Teams: 14

COVID Total Pot: $2,100

Prizes 2020
Frenzy Bowl Champion
  $600 Cash
Court Jesters $200 Personalized Jersey
  Trophy Possession for One Year
Frenzy Bowl Runner Up

channel surfers $350
Third Place Winner Juice $150
Fifth Place Winner

Unrealistic Mofos $75
Toilet Bowl "Winner"

Regular Season Finish: 1st Place

Court Jesters


Regular Season Finish: 2nd Place

channel surfers $75
Highest Weekly Score (x16) Court Jesters (7)
JAR Machine (3)
channel surfers (2)
Rays Wreckers (1)
Howling WOOOOlf (1)
Juice (1)
Tijuana Jets(1)
Overall Highest Weekly Score

Court Jesters $25
Overall Points Winner

Court Jesters $50
2nd Place Points Winner

channel surfers $25
Bad Beat Prize
(smallest margin of loss)

Loser of
Fight for NOT Last Place
Tijuana Jets TBD
Total Pot Money   $2,100

Total Winnings

Court Jesters

Zap $1,150
channel surfers John $500

Corey $175
Unrealistic Mofos

Chris $75
JAR Machine

Tony & Edgar



Deric $25
Rays Wreckers Ray $25
Howling WOOOOlf Alex $25
Tijuana Jets Beto $25

Dan $25
Cornbread&chicken Rick Donut
Come on Pelican Marco Donut
It's Mr. Jimenez 2U! Jason Donut

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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 Court Jesters 170.68   1st Court Jesters 2,685.62
2 Court Jesters 218.82   2nd channel surfers 2,425.36
3 JAR Machine 208.90   3rd Juice 2,260.10
4 Rays Wreckers 174.48   4th JAR Machine 2,252,34
5 Court Jesters 156.88   5th SMASH BROS 2,245.46
6 Howling WOOOOlf 180.82   6th Cornbread&Chicken 2,238.34
7 Court Jesters 166.12   7th Howling WOOOOlf 2,226.36
8 Court Jesters 175.94   8th Come on Pelican 2,164.28
9 Juice 185.50   9th BLITZ 2,168.32
10 Tijuana Jets 158.94   10th Rays Wreckers 2,148.46
11 JAR Machine 180.92   11th Unrealistic Mofos 2,144.30
12 JAR Machine 189.48   12th It's Mr. Jimenez 2U! 1,960.00
13 Court Jesters 173.92   13th TITTY TWISTER 1,919.16
14 channel surfers 192.92   14th Tijuana Jets 1,832.80
15 channel surfers 202.62        
16 Court Jesters 180.48   Week
Bad Beat Prize
        10 SMASH BROS vs. T. Jets - 0.22 pts
        3 WOOOlf vs. Wreckers - 0.32 pts



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