FFFRENZY 2022: Season 25 - Week 11 Recap

COMMISH'S NOTE (11/22/22): We've got another playoff-clincher, and a repeat high score winner in a rather low scoring Week 11 for all. Let's see what happened...

The lowest high score of the week came in Week 11, but it was enough to beat everyone and give Unrealistic Mofos their second high score of the year. Congrats.

Unfortunately for Juice, their second most points was not enough as they played the Mofos and took the loss. There were a lot of points left on the bench in this matchup, but it was a couple of dreamy plays that put Mofos over the top. Mofos is the second team to clinch a playoff spot for thiis season. There are six spots left!

Rays Wreckers and BLITZ had the second best matchup of the week, and with a TD margin of victory, it was the Wreckers who pulled this one off. Kittle was huge for BLITZ on MNF, but it was not enough. Wreckers and BLITZ remain in the Top 8 at spots four & five.

Another mostly strong matchup was between channel surfers and JESTERS. Battling for that last spot in the playoffs, this time it was JESTERS who put up the most points and took out the surfers. JESTERS built up too much of a lead and the surfers could not overcome it on MNF.

Congratulations to JAR Machine, who may be making their move into the Top 8. Putting up a healthy score, they beat up on the lowly Jets and grab their second win of the season. If they can string together some wins, they have a slight chance to still make the playoffs. While they remain in the cellar, another win next week could change things up.

Howling WOOOOlf had a very nice week, and they played a battered and bruised SMASH BROS, who couldn't score their way out of a paper bag this week after last week putting up the highest score. This keeps WOOOOlf at the top of the standings and stifled the BROS who reamin in the 11 spot.

Finally, Come on Pelican struggled and could not break a hundie, so TITTY TWISTER took advantage and got a nice win. Both teams continue to reside in the Top 8, but there are some high-scoring teams just itching to take over your spots.

Channel surfers lead in the Overall Total Points race is diminshing. Mofos and Wrekcers used their high scores to close the gap, and lookie here! Juice makes an appearance in the Top 6. Keep up the scoring and anyone can take this award home.

SMASH BROS still hold the Bad Beat prize, and Tijuana Jets holds the seond spot. Please don't win this prize. Trust me, you don't want it at this point inhe season.

- Player of the Week: Tony Pollard (Unrealistic Mofos) 36.90 pts.
- Bench Player of the Week: Joe Burrow (Unrealistic Mofos) 36.70 pts.
- Dud Player of the Week: Darrell Henderson (TITTY TWISTER) 0.90 pts.
- Bounce-back & Bench Player of the Week: Joshua Palmer (channel surfers) 30.60 pts

Good luck everyone in Week 12!!

- The Commish


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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 BLITZ 173.58   1st channel surfers 1,658.80
2 Rays Wreckers 217.72   2nd Unrealistic Mofos 1,647.40
3 Rays Wreckers 196.72   3rd Rays Wreckers 1,626.52
4 Juice 178.80   4th Howling WOOOlf 1,604.64
5 Tijuana Jets 177.38   5th BLITZ 1,538.66
6 BLITZ 167.50   6th Juice 1,490.32
7 Unrealistic Mofos 175.84        
8 channel surfers 220.14        
9 Howling WOOOOlf 164.90        
10 SMASH BROS 167.60        
11 Unrealistic Mofos 161.82        
16       Week
Bad Beat Prize
17       3 SMASH vs Pelican 0.38
        10 Jets vs WOOOOlf 1.94



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