2017 F.F.FRENZY: Season 20 Week 16 - Finals

COMMISH'S NOTE (12/26/17): And that's a wrap. Season 20 is over.

Before we congratulate the winner, we first congratulate the high score of the week team: Unrealistic Mofos takes the $25 prize. The Mofos scored a lot, but not enough to take over the highest overall score of the year (and only score over 200 points) which was achieved by channel surfers, who take home the $25 bonus prize. Great job.

In the championship game, Juice defeated Rays Wreckers. It was a sad loss for the Wreckers, looking for their first championship, but their team severely under-performed. Juice put up a good score and won his second 'ship in three years. Juice will take home $1,250, another personalized jersey, and have his name engraved in history. The Wreckers take home $750 for second place.

In the third place contest, Unrealistic Mofos rode the Gurley Express (nearly 100 points in the final two weeks) to beat SMASH BROS to take the $300 prize. In a hotly contested fight for 5th place, the Rick James Ballers narrowly defeated JAR Machine to take home $100. It was a close win for the Ballers, as they won by less than a quarter of a point!

In the Overall Total Points contest, Juice maintained his lead in first, as did JAR Machine in second. Juice will take home an extra $100 for his teams' performance, and JAR will take home an extra $50. Great job!

Make sure to check out the info on www.fffrenzy.com which details the breakdown of the payouts and how much each team won this year, as well as the history of our league!

- Player of the Week: Todd Gurley (Unrealistic Mofos) - 49.60 pts. (Back-to-back weeks)
- Bench Player of the Week: Jared Goff (JAR Machine) - 35.04 pts.
- Surprise Player of the Week:
Dion Lewis (RJ Ballers) - 32.30 pts.

- Player of the Year:
Russell Wilson (Juice) - 405.48 pts.
- Worst Luck of the Draft: David Johnson (Tijuana Jets) - IR Week 1
- Rebound Player of the Year: Todd Gurley (Unrealistic Mofos) - 385.30 pts (#2)

As always, I will be running our 2018 NFL Fantasy Playoffs Contest. It will be hosted during the week of January 1-5, 2018, most likely on Thursday the 4th. I will send out invites to everyone with more details as the time gets closer. I will need every manager who want to be in to RSVP so I can properly set up the playoff draft.

Thanks for the great season. You win some, you lose some, and we all come back with new hopes and dreams for the next season. We'll be Vegas-bound next year, so be there, September 8, 2018 for FFFRENZY Draft Day 2018.

- The Commish

F.F.Frenzy 2017 Payouts

Entry Fee: $300
Teams: 12



. . .
Frenzy Bowl Champion
Cash, Personalized NFL Jersey &
Trophy Engraving
Juice $1,250 Cash +
$200 Jersey & Trophy
Frenzy Bowl Runner Up Rays Wreckers $750
Third Place Winner Unrealistic Mofos $300
Fifth Place Winner Rick James Ballers $100
Toilet Bowl "Winner" Howling Wolf $25
Division Winners (2) Juice
JAR Machine
1st place $225
2nd place $175
Highest Weekly Score (16) Juice (4) $100
  channel surfers (3) $75
  Unrealistic Mofos (3) $75
  Rays Wreckers (2) $50
  SMASH BROS (1) $25
  JAR Machine (1) $25
  Howling Wolf (1) $25
  Tijuana Jets (1) $25
Overall Highest Weekly Score channel surfers $25
Overall Points Winner Juice $100
2nd Place Points Winner JAR Machine $50
  ------------ ------------
Total Pot Money   $3,600

Total Winnings
Juice Corey Hoffert $1,875
Rays Wreckers Ray Standafer $800
Unrealistic Mofos Chris Allen $375
JAR Machine Tony & Edgar $250
channel surfers John Molla $100
Rick James Ballers Rick & Zap $100
Howling Wolf Alex Delhierro $50
SMASH BROS Danny & Jose $25
Tijuana Jets Beto Flores $25
TITTY TWISTER Robert Cid Jack Squat
BLITZ Deric Hoffert Jack Squat
TMT Jason & Marco Jack Squat




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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 Rays Wreckers 148.18   1st Juice 2,383.08
2 Unrealistic Mofos 171.44   2nd JAR Machine 2,244.86
3 channel surfers 177.86   3rd channel surfers 2,169.46
4 SMASH BROS 151.28   4th SMASH BROS 2,154.66
5 Tijuana Jets 165.08   5th Unrealistic Mofos 2,131.38
6 Juice 165.76   6th Rays Wreckers 2,122.56
7 channel surfers 168.32   7th Rick James Ballers 2,081.02
8 Juice 181.68   8th TMT 2,012.28
9 Unrealistic Mofos 169.02   9th BLITZ 1,994.94
10 Juice 168.62   10th Howling Wolf 1,987.14
11 Howling Wolf 176.48   11th Tijuana Jets 1,972.70
12 channel surfers 222.80   12th TITTY TWISTER 1,961.02
13 JAR Machine 192.70        
14 Juice 163.84        
15 Rays Wreckers 175.84        
16 Unrealistic Mofos 178.26        



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