FFFRENZY 2022: Season 25 - Finals Recap

COMMISH'S NOTE (1/10/23): With an unprecedented finish to our season, we saw results in limbo, but with an extra week of normally unused stats available, we were able to reach a satisfactory conclusion to this season. Let's see how it all panned out.

Howling WOOOOlf was able to win their worthless matchup by the actual slimmest of margins, more importantly they were able to score the highest score in Week 17. Congratulations on the final weekly prize. Never give up!

In the FFFrenzy Bowl, we had a semi-close matchup, but BLITZ did not get any superstar performances to help them overcome their deficit, and Juice takes the FFFrenzy Championship. Grabbing their 4th title in 8 years, I think it may be time for Juice to move on to a more challenging league! (Just kidding, that's the entire league's jealously talking!) Sneaking into the playoffs in the last week of the season, they squeaked past Mofos in the first round, spanked the Jets in the second, and then beat their own dear brother to take home the big prize. And it is a big prize this year! Just look at that pic up top! BLITZ takes home a nice prize by coming in second place with a very strong season.

In the third-place matchup, TITTY TWISTER had to beg the BUF defense to calm down, as they almost pulled a Miami Miracle! But alas it was not enough for Tijuana Jets, and TITTY get the victory and the nice 3rd place prize!

For fifth place, Rays Wreckers had a large enough lead to take down Come on Pelican. Wreckers wins two of the three playoff weeks, which supplies them with a nice parting gift!

In the Total Points standings, Mofos maintained the top spot, and Rays Wreckers, who extended their lead over channel surfers will take 2nd place.

SMASH BROS held on to the Bad Beat prize, only to take a final Bad Beat from Mofos, who lost in Week 17 by 0.22 points! Unfortunately, as the Mofos were still in a matchup (for 7th place) that close loss places them as the best of the worst losses and Mofos takes home the Bad Beat prize.

- Player of the Week: Mike Evans (Unrealistic Mofos) 48.70 pts.
- Bench Player of the Week: Daniel Jones (Holwing WOOOOlf) 40.18 pts.

- QB Player of the Year: Patrick Mahomes (Tijuana Jets) 494.42 pts. 14th pick
- RB Player of the Year: Austin Ekeler (Juice) 366.70 pts. 5th pick
- WR Player of the Year: Justin Jefferson (SMASH BROS) 360.86 pts. 4th pick
- TE Player of the Year: Travis Kelce (JAR Machine) 308.50 pts. 15th pick
- K Player of the Year: Brett Maher (Juice) 185.00 pts. not drafted
- DEF Player of the Year: New England (Unrealistic Mofos) 268.00 pts. 162nd pick

- MVP Player of the Year:  Austin Ekeler (Juice) 366.70 pts.

And that wraps up our season. Thanks everyone for playing.

Now we can all look forward to next year, when we will fight again for the 2023 FFFrenzy Championship Trophy. For this year, enjoy it, Juice!! You earned it!

- The Commish


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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 BLITZ 173.58   1st Unrealistic Mofos 2,515.80
2 Rays Wreckers 217.72   2nd Rays Wreckers 2,478.82
3 Rays Wreckers 196.72   3rd channel surfers 2,440.50
4 Juice 178.80   4th BLITZ 2,387.18
5 Tijuana Jets 177.38   5th Juice 2,352.98
6 BLITZ 167.50   6th Howling WOOOlf 2,325.66
7 Unrealistic Mofos 175.84   7th Tijuana Jets 2,285.10
8 channel surfers 220.14   8th SMASH BROS 2,234.94
9 Howling WOOOOlf 164.90   9th TITTY TWISTER 2,224.38
10 SMASH BROS 167.60   10th Jesters 2,223.24
11 Unrealistic Mofos 161.82   11th Come on Pelican 2,147.44
12 Rays Wreckers 199.16   12th JAR Machine 2,126.88
13 SMASH BROS 167.70        
14 SMASH BROS 170.38        
15 Tijuana Jets 192.24        
16 BLITZ 170.48   Week
Bad Beat Prize
17 Howling WOOOOlf 167.62   17 Mofos vs WOOOOlf 0.22
        3 SMASH vs Pelican 0.38



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