F.F.FRENZY 2018: Season 21 - Playoffs Rd. 1 Recap

COMMISH'S NOTE (12/11/18): Playoffs are here, and boy was there cheers and boos!

But first off, TITTY TWISTER gets a surprise in the Toilet Bowl with an overall weekly highest score and en extra $25 prize. To think, he would have beaten anyone in the playoffs this week.

There was some strange football being played this week, as all fantasy scoring was down, three of the top four teams were upset, and new NFL players put up some huge fantasy performances. The top upset was 8th place Rays Wreckers facing #1 JAR Machine, where the Wreckers scored just enough to take down JAR. #2 Unrealistic Mofos put up a good score considering, but #7 Juice put up the best score in the FFFrenzy playoffs to get the upset win. #3 Tijuana Jets got lucky with their measly score to face #6 BLITZ who barely scored 100 points. #4 TMT got upset by Rick James Ballers, even with a horrible QB performance.

In the Toilet Bowl, TITTY TWISTER used their high score to take down channel surfers and put their terrible season out to pasture, while the second highest scoring team in our league SMASH BROS got embarassed by last place Howling WOOOOlf. WOOOlf and TITTY will meet this week in the Toilet Bowl "Championship." Don't forget to set your lineups.

As we enter Week 2 of the playoffs, we see Juice facing Tijuana Jets, as the Jets try to get their first championship since 2005, trying to stop Juice from repeating as champ and getting their third win in four years! We've got the 8th seed Rays Wreckers trying to keep hope alive going for their first ever championship, against Rick James Ballers who will try to win their third championship.

Finally, the losing teams in the FFFrenzy playoffs this week will be matched up, trying to win two more games in a row to take the 5th place prize of $100. Win and you play next week for that prize, lose and your season is over. It's the Mofos vs. BLITZ, and TMT vs. JAR.

Remember, even if you're out of the playoffs, you can still get a weekly high score (through Week 16).

The points race remains the same. Keep your eyes on that chart, as I will be manually updating the total scores. It's gonna be tough for someone to overtake Juice and SMASH BROS with only two weeks left, but with how this week's scoring went, anything is possible.

PAY YA' DUES. One person has paid up since I started asking. Do any of you numb-nuts actually read all this bullshit I post?

- Player of the Week: Amari Cooper (TITTY TWISTER) - 49.70 pts.
- Bench Player of the Week: Dak Prescott (TITTY TWISTER) - 33.40 pts.
- Dud Player of the Week:
LeSean McCoy (JAR Machine) - 0.10 pts

Here we go! Week two of the playoffs, where you can secure some real money. Good luck!

- The Commish


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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 TITTY TWISTER 203.48   1st Juice 2,228.02
2 Juice 222.30   2nd SMASH BROS 2,206.18
3 Juice 167.10   3rd JAR Machine 2,152.42
4 SMASH BROS 188.72   4th Rick James Ballers 2,144.62
5 channel surfers 182.58   5th TMT 2,085.90
6 Unrealistic Mofos 171.06   6th Unrealistic Mofos 2,060.42
7 channel surfers 211.04   7th channel surfers 1,988.12
8 Juice 185.16   8th Tijuana Jets 1,926.64
9 Tijuana Jets 196.44   9th TITTY TWISTER 1,914.54
10 Juice 217.50   10th Rays Wreckers 1,886.52
11 Rick James Ballers 194.82   11th Howling WOOOOlf 1,863.62
12 Rick James Ballers 177.38   12th BLITZ 1,801.00
13 JAR Machine 176.04        
14 TITTY TWISTER 161.92        



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