F.F.FRENZY 2018: Season 21 - FINALS

COMMISH'S NOTE (12/27/18): Finally our season has come to an end. For some there is joy, for others, relief. For one, a big donut. Let's see how it turned out:

For back-to-back EFF YOU's of fantasy this year, we had BLITZ, who was the lowest scoring team of the year going into week 16, and turned up the highest score of the week (almost beating the overall highest score of the year) and getting a nice $25 prize. Congrabulations.

Well, he did it. Juice was the big winner in the championship round, taking out Rick James Ballers and winning $1450 and back-to-back titles in our league. The Ballers' hot streak cooled off in the final week and they finish in second place with a $750 prize.

In the third place matchup, Rays Wreckers, one of the lowest scoring teams in the league, won the games they needed to win and beat Tijuana Jets in the third place game to take home $300. The Jets get nothing for 4th.

In the fifth place game, BLITZ used their aforementioned highest weekly score to strangle the life out of JAR Machine and take home a $100 prize. Not bad for, until this week, the lowest total point scoring team in the league.

So that's how the big matchups turned out. As for the points race, SMASH BROS big week wasn't enough to handle Juice's even bigger week, so Juice will end up taking home the $100 Overall Points Scored prize, with SMASH BROS taking second and $50.

Remember you can see the final wrap up on www.fffrenzy.com.

This was a crazy year! The top two finishers in the season did not win any of their playoff games that mattered. The lowest scoring team in the league was able to finish a good amount of money, and a team that didn't even make the playoffs was able to score the second most points in the league. The third place season finisher ended up the lowest scoring team overall, and as I pointed out, the third place team in the playoffs going into their final game was the second lowest scoring team at that point.

Using all that crazy info I just layed out there, it is your Commish's opinion that even though luck is the major determining factor when playing this stupid game, there must be some skill that Juice has managed to perfect in order to win three out of the last four years. Therefore, I will be calling for a vote to form a committee to study all aspects of Juice's managerial skills to find that elusive fantasy element that has led their team to be the highest money winning manager of this 21 year old league!! Chop chop, who wants to be committee chairman?!?

Now for the bad news: we still need some managers to PAY THA' DUES. If you havent paid your dues, I can't pay out the prizes. I know some checks are still in the mail, but I can also accept PayPal or Zelle.

- Player of the Week: Antonio Brown (BLITZ) - 44.50 pts.
- Pickup & Start of the Week: Nick Foles (BLITZ) - 40.94 pts.
- Bench Player of the Week: Aaron Rodgers (Howling WOOOOlf) - 46.88 pts.

It's time to prepare for the upcoming 2019 NFL Playoffs contest. You need to RSVP to me to get in. We can only take ONE more player!! It will be on Thursday Jan 3rd. Location: JAR Machine shop. Approximate 6:00 pm start time.

Enjoy this last week of non-fanatsy football games. Now we get to find out which teams and players will be available for our playoff draft!

- The Commish

F.F.Frenzy 2018 Payouts

Entry Fee: $300
Teams: 12

.   .
Frenzy Bowl Champion

$1,250 Cash
$200 Personalized Jersey
Trophy Possession for One Year
Frenzy Bowl Runner Up

Rick James Ballers $750
Third Place Winner Rays Wreckers $300
Fifth Place Winner

BLITZ $100
Toilet Bowl "Winner"

Howling WOOOOlf $25
Regular Season Finish: 1st Place

JAR Machine
Regular Season Finish: 2nd Place

Unrealistic Mofos $175
Highest Weekly Score (x16) Juice (4) $100
  channel surfers (2) $50
  Rick James Ballers (2) $50


  Unrealistic Mofos (1) $25
  JAR Machine (1) $25
  Tijuana Jets (1) $25
  Howling WOOOOlf (1) $25
  BLITZ (1) $25
Overall Highest Weekly Score

Juice (Week 2) $25
Overall Points Winner

Juice $100
2nd Place Points Winner

Total Pot Money   $3,600

Total Winnings
Juice Corey Hoffert $1,675
Rick James Ballers Rick & Zap $800
Rays Wreckers Ray Standafer $300
JAR Machine Tony & Edgar $250
Unrealistic Mofos Chris Allen $200
BLITZ Deric Hoffert $125
SMASH BROS Danny & Jose $75
Howling Wolf Alex Delhierro $50
channel surfers John Molla $50
TITTY TWISTER Robert Cid $50
Tijuana Jets Beto Flores $25
TMT Jason & Marco Donut


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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 TITTY TWISTER 203.48   1st Juice 2,569.04
2 Juice 222.30   2nd SMASH BROS 2,529.76
3 Juice 167.10   3rd Rick James Ballers 2,462.42
4 SMASH BROS 188.72   4th JAR Machine 2,441.84
5 channel surfers 182.58   5th Unrealistic Mofos 2,257.32
6 Unrealistic Mofos 171.06   6th TMT 2,256.96
7 channel surfers 211.04   7th channel surfers 2,202.82
8 Juice 185.16   8th Howling WOOOOlf 2,196.24
9 Tijuana Jets 196.44   9th TITTY TWISTER 2,146.14
10 Juice 217.50   10th Rays Wreckers 2,142.62
11 Rick James Ballers 194.82   11th BLITZ 2,135.28
12 Rick James Ballers 177.38   12th Tijuana Jets 2,117.80
13 JAR Machine 176.04        
14 TITTY TWISTER 161.92        
15 Howling WOOOOlf 180.92        
16 BLITZ 220.54        



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