F.F.FRENZY 2018: Season 21 - Week 9 Recap

COMMISH'S NOTE (11/6/18): Week 9 is over. Have you all voted today?

Congratulations to Tijuana Jets! Their first big score of the year couldn't have come at a better time! Thanks to the high scoring LAR-NO game, they get the highest score for week 9 and a nice $25 prize.

In this weeks matchups, Tijuana Jets used their highest score to beat the second highest score of the week put up by Unrealistic Mofos to hand them their first loss. Someone finally brought their A+ game against the Mofos! Another big game this week was JAR Machine vs. Juice. JAR Machine came up with the third highest score of the week to take down Juice. SMASH BROS, fighting to get out of the Toilet Bowl, beat a cooling off BLITZ to move into 9th place. TMT took down TITTY TWISTER quite easily (he was napping), Rays Wreckers beat up on Howling WOOOOlf, and in a basement battle, Rick James Ballers took out the lowest scoring channel surfers.

With only four weeks left in the regular season, Unrealistic Mofos is the first team to clinch a playoff spot. JAR Machine sits one game back in second place, TMT and Tijuana Jets are tied with TMT getting the 3rd spot due to their overall point total. Rays Wreckers is in 5th, and Juice, TITTY TWISTER, and BLITZ fill out the last three spots, all with 4-5 records. There aren't enough games in the season to run away with this thing, or to make the playoffs until you lock down a spot. Anything can still happen, and the teams in the basement can still get out!

In the overall high score race, Juice barely maintains his lead by only four points over second place TMT, SMASH BROS stays in third, the Mofos move up to 4th place, and JAR Machine takes over the fifth spot. This race is too close to call at this point with the top five teams only separated by 72 points.

As your Commish, I am going to suggest a new option we could implement next year: A FREE LEAGUE!! No dues, no pot, and no prizes. Just a little gold statue by your team name the following year and bragging rights for the winner.

FUUUUCK THAT!! PAY YOUR DUES. Still have not received any dues this year since draft day. Let's go people!! Pay up. You can see those who paid with the DUES link on the Yahoo site. Check out my paid-up heroes on that page!

- Player of the Week: Drew Brees (Tijuana Jets) - 39.44 pts.
- Bench Player of the Week: Ryan Fitzpatrick (BLITZ) - 34.02 pts.
- Dud Player of the Week:
Derek Carr (channel surfers) - 7.34 pts. (Last week: Bench PotW!)

Good luck making your Week 10 choices.

- The Commish


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Highest weekly score:
Overall Points Leaders:
Total Points:
1 TITTY TWISTER 203.48   1st Juice 1,412.70
2 Juice 222.30   2nd TMT 1,408.62
3 Juice 167.10   3rd SMASH BROS 1,396.44
4 SMASH BROS 188.72   4th Unreliatic Mofos 1,365.44
5 channel surfers 182.58   5th JAR Machine 1,340.80
6 Unrealistic Mofos 171.06        
7 channel surfers 211.04        
8 Juice 185.16        
9 Tijuana Jets 196.44        



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