Roster Lineups

Roster size:
Roster positions:


Scoring Breakdowns

All Offensive TDs 6 points

Receiving Reception 1 point


Rushing / Receiving Yardage (all positions) .1 point for every 1 yd (1 pt/10 yds)


Player rushes for 125 yds = 12.5 pts
  Player catches for 43 yds = 4.3 pts

Passing Yardage (all positions) 0.04 pt for every 1 yd (1 pt/25 yds)

example:        Player passes for 78 yds = 3.1 pts
        Player passes for 355 yds = 14.2 pts


Extra Point 1 point
          Field Goals:   0 - 39 yds 3 points
40 - 49 yds 5 points
50+ yds 7 points
Miscellaneous Scoring
Offensive Fumble Return TD 6 points
2 point conversion 2 points
Interception -1 point
Fumble Lost -1 point

Team Defense

Sack 1 point
Interception (INT) 2 points
Fumble Recovery 2 points
(If INT or fumble recovery is returned for a TD)

add 6 points

Blocked Field Goal TD 6 points
Blocked Punt TD 6 points
Punt Return 9 points
Kickoff Return 9 points
Safety 6 points
3 and out 1 point
4th down stop 2 points

     Points Allowed:     
0 points

10 points
1 - 6 points 7 points
7 - 13 points 5 points
  14-20 points 2 points
21 + points 0 points

1. Waivers begin at Game Time thru Tuesday 11:59:

Free Agent aquisitions: Game Time - Tuesday This year the start time for Free Agent aquisitions begins at each individual players scheduled Game Time. Game Time means all unowned players will be placed on waivers at the scheduled start time of their game. In Game Time Waivers, players on a bye week will be placed on waivers Monday night at 5:30pm pacific time.

What this means: After the Waiver Process has run on Tues. evening/Wed. morning, players will be available to pick up as a Free Agents from Wed. thru til their scheduled Game Time. A benefit of this: if your player is found out to not be playing on MNF, you can still pick up another player that may be available in that game, up until Game Time. This should alleviate the issue of dropping and picking up a back up player before you know whether you'll need to use them or not.

2. Waiver wire order is based on a rolling order. After the draft, teams will be given a waiver priority based on reverse order of the draft. First pick of the draft gets waiver 12, 2nd pick get waiver 11, etc. When you use your option to pick up a player off waivers, you will have priority based on this number. Highest priority of requesting teams gets the player. When you use your waiver pickup, you drop to 12th in the order, and move back towards top as others use their priority and drop to the bottom.

Questions about the scoring breakdowns?? Email the Commish.